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Supporting Public Safety


Safety is a paramount concern for our citizens and our First Responders.  We live in a changing world and need to make sure that our Firefighters, Police Officers, Sheriff's Deputies, and Dispatchers have the necessary resources to monitor and prepare for any threat that places our citizens at risk.  In turn, we must strive to insure that our Public Safety personnel receive our support to keep them safe in hostile environments and provide opportunities to build successful careers and retire healthy. 

Supporting Our Public Schools

Our School System is vitally important to our future and is one of the primary reasons that businesses and families locate in Chesapeake.  Our children are our greatest hope for the future and we need to work in harmony with our School Board and State Representatives to provide the best education experience in a safe, secure and modern environment.   We must work together to  provide adequate capital investments for improving our schools, securing their safety, providing adequate pay and benefits and much needed resources for building maintenance and school buses.  These investments are vital if we are to sustain the excellence that defines Chesapeake Public Schools.

Supporting a Strong Economy While Holding the Line on Taxes

Chesapeake is the center of South Hampton Roads.  It is vitally important for our future to support and attract the right mix of business, industry and balanced development that will bring opportunity, create jobs and build a sustainable tax base to maintain the quality of life we enjoy.

Investing In Our Infrastructure


Our ability to move traffic and insure a viable public water supply is critical to the quality of life we enjoy in Chesapeake.  We need to work both within the City and collectively with our Regional, State and Federal partners to insure that investments in roads and water keep pace with the demands of our City and future plans and investments are both identified and secured. 

Investing In Our City Employees


We must work to insure that we are providing pay, benefits and resources for our City employees that will not only help us to attract, but retain the most highly qualified employees in the region.  

Supporting our Agriculture Community

Chesapeake enjoys a very strong and vibrant agricultural industry.  Our rural community has played a vital role in the development of our City and continues to play an important role in providing food and other products for the entire country.   Our Farmers depend on us to help them maintain sustainable farming operations.  They are committed to us, and we must be committed to them.

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